Here We Go Again...Welcome to my Blog pt. 2

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Here I am restarting my blog again for the second time (and I really hope I stick to it this time). You might ask why I’m restarting my blog. I have a couple answers for you.

1. For starters, I am a PERFECTIONIST. I wanted my blog to be perfect the first time it launched. To be honest, it took me at least couple months to design my previous layout only to hate it a month later. However, this was my biggest set back as I am my biggest critic.

2. This leads to reason number two. I guess I’m scared. I’m scared of how people will judge me or criticize me. It takes a lot of time and effort to design (and keep up with) a blog. You open up to your audience and you get vulnerable. On my personal instagram, it even gets to my head sometimes and I won’t post something because of the fear of being judged. Although this blog is something I’m scared of being vulnerable with the world, designing this website, making all the graphics, writing all the blogposts, and sharing all my favorite products was so FUN for me!

I’m not a full-time blogger/influencer/content creator. I’m a full time college student and I work two jobs: 4 days a week, 30hrs a week and it is hard. I love my jobs but it can be tiring and I turn to blogging as a creative outlet for me!

This blog has been a work in progress to say the least! I created this in May of 2017, and I’m now sharing it in 2019. I love sharing about my clothing and beauty items so be prepared to see lots of beauty and style related content. I plan on posting at least once a week, but be sure to follow my instagram @portia.kwan to keep updated with new blogposts and fun pictures! I’m traveling to Israel next month so be on the look out for traveling and Israel related content!

With all that, welcome to my blog (part 2). Please feel free to leave a comment down below on what you would like to see on my blog!