How I Reset and Prepare for the Week

It’s no shocker that my type A personality loves organization. Every weekend, I like to reset and prepare for my week ahead. There definitely have been weeks where I’ve felt lazy and unmotivated to prepare and it really shows. I find that when I reset on Sundays and prepare for my upcoming week, I’m much more organized during the week.

+ Google calendar

I use to be a huge fan of planners but ever since I’ve switched to Google calendar my life has changed. No more lugging around a giant planner with me everywhere, instead it’s located all on my phone. I use Google Calendar for events; I have another system I use for tasks. I love color coordinating everything in my calendar. Grey - personal, red - youtube, blue - work, orange - school, you get the gist.

+ 7 days a Week to-do list notepad

I bought this (similar) weekly to do list notepad from Marshalls and I use it every day using this pen to list out things I need to do for the week. On Sunday, I fill in all the things I need to do for the week, then every night before I sleep I will add to the list for the following day. This just keeps my to do lists in one place since I no longer use a planner.

+ budget sheet

Every Sunday, I will update my budget sheet with new purchases I’ve made that week just so that I can keep track of my spending. I will leave a template here on the budget sheet I created that works well for me.

+ laundry

I do laundry every weekend to ensure that I have a clean closet ready for the week.

+ clean room

I like to start the week off with a clean room so I’ll normally just spend about 20 minutes cleaning the room and picking up after myself.

+ self care

My favorite thing I do every week to prepare is self-care. Something about doing a face mask every Sunday preps my skin for the week. I always know that if I don’t have time to do a face mask during the week, I will get to it on Sunday. Every other week I will also paint my nails, do a hair mask, and dermaplane my face.